Posted 11 months ago


"I-I’m not dead! I swear! I’m alive! I…yeah. I’m…alive."

Posted 1 year ago

//Ness-admin is almost done! I finally finished two out of three of my RP blogs, but will restart these accounts anyways! Feel free to send me a starter again, and I am really sorry if I offended any of you from dropping all of my RPs. If you’d want, we could pick up from where we left off and stuff.

Posted 1 year ago

//Literally restarting this entire blog. After having not touched it for…forever, I decided to just drop everything I was in and just start fresh. Sorry if anyone wanted to continue, but…yeah. It’d probably be better like this, so I won’t have to stress too much about it.

Also, if anyone could suggest a good theme for the blog, it’d be much appreciated. I mean, simple is nice, but…ehh…